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What’s New with VR-Architecture

What’s New with VR-Architecture

Waltham, MA - 

Keeping pace with innovation, AMC Bridge enhanced VR-Architecture™ to ensure maximum design productivity and data visualization in virtual reality (VR).

VR-Architecture is a technology demonstration of a floor plan transformation into a 3D model on an Android™ device.

Apart from single floor plan recognition, the upgraded VR-Architecture can recognize and arrange multiple floor plans of a building, build its 3D model, and display it using the ViewER™ or ViewER-VR™ viewers.

Now, the user can build multistory models loading two or more floor plans for recognition and marking them by numbers to denote the order of the floors. When recognition is done, the user can specify such parameters as wall thickness, height, or threshold in the recognized plans and build the resulting high-rise building saved in a DWG file.

To see VR-Architecture in action, watch this demo video.

Sep 09, 2019
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