New technology
presents new opportunities

3D visualization

Are you searching for ways to optimize performance of 3D visualization of your assets?

Real-world behavior simulation

Can you generate photorealistic environments to simulate real-world behavior in your digital twin?

Digital twin

Does your team have the knowledge and experience to create and maintain a digital twin?

Multi-user collaboration

What is the best way to enable multi-user collaboration through your digital twin?

Customer experience

Do you struggle to create better customer experience?

How can we help?

3D visualization and simulation

AMC Bridge develops solutions using game engine technologies that deliver unparalleled real-time visualization and simulation capabilities eclipsing traditional methods.

Game engine as digital twin core

AMC Bridge enables you to build realistic visuals and experiences faster and easier by utilizing game engine technologies

Optimize 3D visualization

Overcome traditional barriers by leveraging game engine technologies to create and visualize complex models.

Multi-user access

AMC Bridge adds massive value to your digital twins by enabling real-time data access with collaborative interaction leveraging game engine and cloud/mobile technologies.

Enhance customer experience

AMC Bridge helps utilize game engine technologies to create better immersive experiences for your customers.

Industry expertise

AMC Bridge leverages leading engine technologies for the benefit of your business

In the right hands, game engine
technologies are far more than
just gaming

Core Expertise

AMC Bridge helps our customers accelerate the sage adoption of new technologies

Game Engines


Artificial Intelligence

Image Recognition

Point Cloud

3D Visualization

Technology demonstrations


What clients say

Based on customer survey data, more than 90% of clients would recommend AMC Bridge

  • Gunjan Choudhary

    Senior Software Engineering Manager, Autodesk Inc.

    It’s been a pleasure working with AMC Bridge. The contractor we had was able to ramp up quickly and started contributing to the project.
  • Qingxiang Niu

    Sr. Director of Engineering, Autodesk Inc.

    AMC Bridge has been consistently flexible and capable of addressing our emerging business needs.
  • Gunjan Choudhary

    Senior Software Engineering Manager, Autodesk Inc.

    The AMC Bridge resources we have on our project have made big impact on incremental delivery of value to customers. They are greatly respected and appreciated by the development team members.
  • Kenneth Lee

    CEO, VanGogh Imaging, Inc.

    Great people to work with.
  • Gunjan Choudhary

    Senior Software Engineering Manager, Autodesk Inc.

    It`s been a great experience working with AMC Bridge personnel. They were quick to ramp up and deliver.
  • Jim Quanci

    Senior Director, Software Partner Development, Autodesk Inc.

    We are lucky to have a partner like AMC Bridge with both broad and deep skills with our technologies. It makes it easy to send folks looking for help your way. We know they will have a great experience.
  • Gunjan Choudhary

    Senior Software Engineering Manager, Autodesk Inc.

    Appreciate the prompt responses from AMC Bridge management. The personnel we hired were committed to project success.
  • Kitty Ma

    Sr. Manager, Software development, Autodesk Inc.

    It's a pleasure to work with AMC Bridge people.
  • Tarun Gupta

    Senior Software Development Manager, Autodesk Inc.

    The individuals from AMC Bridge come with a high work ethic, always keen on delivering high quality work. Our team has achieved a lot working with them, and we look forward to continue working with them in the future.

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Mark Driscoll
Mark Driscoll

Senior Director, Industrial & AEC Enterprise Sales

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