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Industrialization of
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Barriers to adoption of 3D printing technology

  • DesignMost current CAD tools don’t take advantage of additive manufacturing/3D printing possibilities.
  • Manufacturing production management If 3D printers are not integrated into Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) they could be hard to monitor when problems occur.
  • Manufacturing data preparationData from CAD software in most cases needs pre-processing to be printed.
  • Access to the “right printer” Manufacturers need visibility of all machines to select the right 3D printer for the right job.
  • Printed parts postprocessingPost-processing of additive manufacturing parts is often programmed with different software tools.
  • Data integrityFile corruption or data loss can make additive manufacturing unscalable and unsafe.

How can we help?

  • Improving and optimizing slicing and path calculation routines
  • Modernizing and customizing existing 3D Design tools to seamlessly support additive manufacturing processes.
  • Helping to create completely new product definition methodologies through generative design algorithms and custom-tailored solutions
  • Enhancing 3D Printing production management through IoT technologies
  • Commercialize additive manufacturing through comprehensive 3D printing web platforms/portals.

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  • Jason Chan

    Director of Product Management, MakerBot Industries LLC

    I really appreciate the engineers/team members from AMC Bridge that proactively make recommendation for changing the process, product, or otherwise.

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Mark Driscoll

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